Seems rather incongruous that a great number of countries representatives sing their Eurovison songs in English despite the fact that this is not their mother language

Surely the whole point of this contest is a display of national identity by the competing countries and the natural extension of this concept are songs in their own language?

On the other hand, perhaps it all comes down to the fact that they percieve songs in their own langauge as being incapable of winning or alternatively that English should be the de facto language of Europe (that should please the French)

Nevertheless, why bother to have a Eurovison contest at all if the countries involved do not display their identity - all rather along the lines of 'block voting'

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The Government seems to be totally incapable of encouraging the banks to lend and as a consequence of their abject failure in this area we now have a whole new breed of opportunist operating in the loans market place

Businesses such as Wonga have sprung up to fill the void left by banks refusal to lend and 'oh boy' are they avaricious

These are predatory companies with a business model based on extracting as much money as possible from the most vulnerable in society and now they have moved into the business arena

Surely one of the duties of Government is to protect the electorate from 'operators' such as this - most especially as the climate for this type of operation has, in no small measure, been brought about by Governments and their incompetence

So what is the answer?

Well for starters, how about re-introducing the usury laws to curb these organisations - at least placing a cap on their avarice should make them review their business model

Historically usury has always been linked to economic abuses, mostly targeting the poor or most vulnerable in the community and it is a complete disgrace that companies such as Wonga should be allowed to operate in a manner that takes advantage of this sector of the community

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Just been out to cut the grass only to have the whole thing rained off.

The weather forecast was for fine weather, which was clearly wrong and a complete time waster.

Now the thought occurs, that ones time is valuable and having to waste it because someone fails to do a job they are paid for does slightly rankle.

Therefore, why not pay weather forecasters by results, after all they have enough high tech equipment to arm a small nation so clearly something is going wrong somewhere down the line.

Mind you it always amazes one that Michael Fish & others of that era still have jobs after the complete howler surrounding the 1997 hurricane

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