Well it seems as though Volkswagen, a German company, have been caught trying to cheat vehicle emission tests on a number of their cars

This is not an Oops! oversight moment, but rather a deliberate attempt to outwit the testers, thereby portraying their vehicles to have cleaner emissions than they really have

Now this is all very well, however, the logical natural progression of Volkswagen deliberately trying to cheat the emissions testing is a release of excessive pollutants into the environment - a number of which are known to be harmful to the population

Therefore, like it or not Volkswagen (a German company) has deliberately attempted to 'gas' people of many nations across the globe

Bearing in mind Volkswagen/Porsche roots and its beginnings serving Adolf Hitler in the 1930s perhaps one would expect the company to be slight more circumspect over deliberately releasing known toxic gasses to affect the lives of the population

Furthermore, history has shown that the last time this sort of thing happened was with Germany in 1940-45 as a legacy of WW2, with connotations of concentration camps (gas chambers), and gassing vast numbers of the Jewish community - similarly one would have thought Volkswagen would be doubly careful and sensitive about this area

But no – clearly not! Volkswagen seem to have had a corporate lobotomy

The company knows full well about the impact of NO2 emissions and seems to have taken a deliberate decision to ‘poison’ the population

No one will really ever know how many have died or been affected by this fraudulent company policy, however, it does very much look like a latter day Auschwitz

With all this in mind when can we expect all the top management at Volkswagen to be arraigned on manslaughter charges – quite apart from having to bankroll any resulting fines from their own personal wealth?


Holocaust Research Project

VW outgoing boss's €28m pension pot to pay out €1m a year


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What is the way forward for asylum. Only by coming up with a equitable solution will all parties feel they are being treated fairly.

Furthermore, regarding asylum as only a temporary situation will probably discourage economic migrants from trying to capitalise on the misery of others because there is nothing really to be gained by having access to Europe on a temporary basis for a short time


What are the long and short term effects of mass migration on both the country they leave and also the one they enter

Effects on the receiving country - say the UK

  • Access to the NHS
  • Access to schooling/education
  • Access to benefits
  • Access to housing
  • Access to state pension

All this affects population density, especially as the UK is the most heavily populated country in Europe and hitherto has provided refuge for the greatest number of migrants and also the most funding to assist poverty in the World

There are inevitably costs associated with all these items which require funding by the receiving country. Although, if it becomes recognised that these costs are only temporary then many are more likely to deem them acceptable rather than being a permanent undefined drain on the receiving countries resources, which is inevitably funded by the indigenous population

What is the future effect on refugees home countries once the wars have stopped and stability returned? These countries have lost a huge number of their educated and skilled middle class who are just the very people needed to re-build the country and in order to assist with this re-building process those who have left must be returned to help their own country get back onto its feet

When the threat is over, those given asylum should return to their own countries to re-build them, however, history has shown that once settled in Europe very few wish to return and far prefer their new life in Europe

Steps for a Solution and Way Forward

Here are a few suggestion just to set the process in motion

  • Asylum is only ever a temporary state to provide an interim safe haven - however long the situation lasts - until the threat has gone away or the refugees country of origin has stabilised
  • No asylum seeker should be given nationality by the receiving country - they should always retain the nationality of their country of origin

  • The receiving country will grant the same rights to asylum seekers as those it affords to its own nationals for the duration of the asylum, which is finite in duration - until they return to their country of origin

  • Children of asylum seekers born in the 'safe haven' country must always retain the nationality of their parents and can never acquire nationality of their country of birth - irrespective of their physical location

  • Whilst holding the status of asylum seeker, no migrant can acquire citizenship or nationality of the country granting safe haven

  • Every 2-5 years everyone granted asylum should be assessed against the prevailing conditions in their own country with a view to being returned once it is safe. This is in line with other migrants who are permitted to come to the UK to work but are subject to periodic review

  • A clear distinction must be made between economic migrants and those seeking asylum. Economic migrants remain subject to all the existing rules

  • Human Rights Laws cannot be used to avoid or circumvent eventual repatriation or returning to their own country once the threat to asylum seekers has gone away

  • It is anticipated that returning their own country will be voluntary and repatriation would be the last resort
  • Receiving countries will not be permitted to offer those given asylum, amnesties to remain and become citizens simply because they have lost track of migrants who have 'disappeared'. They will remain subject to being returned to their own country for an indefinite period

 These should be the basic tenants of any way forward for asylum seekers

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The tide of refugees from Middle Eastern war-torn countries has already swamped Europe and there are inevitably more to come in the future from those seeking sanctuary and a better life because nothing seems to be ameliorating the problems in their home countries

Most of these refugees have had a long, risky and arduous journey to get to Europe and we see heart wrenching stories in the news everyday about individual families and their losses

One has to question how has it come to this and why the innocent always end up as collateral damage, whilst everyone stands by watching - and opportunists use the situation to their own advantage?


A fractured Europe (EC/EU) is in complete disarray over how to handle the situation and member countries have now started blaming each other in the spirit of true nationalism over which one is doing more/less to address the issue

– Germany seems to have had an epiphany and is blaming the UK for not committing to something that the UK was never party to in the first place whilst ignoring their own inglorious history over migrants – Huguenots, Jews (pogroms), Gastarbeiter (‘guest worker’) … etc.

- and Hungary, with some justification, is blaming Germany for encouraging the situation with an ‘open door’ policy whilst expecting other countries to police parts of Europe’s border for their benefit

But still nobody deals with the traffickers – and so far as one can determine there is not even any coherent policy on how to stop them or even address the issue. Well here is a suggestion:

Introduce the death penalty for traffickers because that is nothing more or less than they are inflicting on those who use their services

Recently the EU has begun threatening to slash funding for member countries who do not take what they perceive as a fair share of migrants and they have also started trying to blackmail the UK over migrants in respect of EU reforms - warning the Prime Minister that overhauling the EU will be blocked unless the UK takes more refugees.

This is hardly a constructive approach and simply ignores the failures at the heart of the EU with their inability to formulate a measured response to the crisis whilst trying to blackmail member countries into getting their own way over ideas emanating from Germany and France

The Dublin Agreement and The Schengen Agreement are about to break down because those countries directly affected perceive them as too great a burden. Even the proponents of these two Agreements start having second thoughts when they themselves are the preferred destination of thousands of refugees

– i.e. France expecting Italy to stop migrants on the France/Italy border but deeming it perfectly acceptable to encourage migrant passage through the France/UK border or accepting bribes/kick-backs from the UK not to do this – double standards, but then throughout history France has always been the prostitute of Europe – so ‘plus ca change ..’!

Anyway, why on earth is France involved in any decision making whatsoever over Europe – after all they are an economic ‘basket case’ only one step away from Greece – so what gives them a right to have more of a say than other countries in anything, apart from a questionable Germany/France pact?

This is especially poignant bearing in mind history and the Battle of Verdun which to all accounts was a strategy of attrition - as described by Erich von Falkenhayn, it was conceived as a way to 'bleed France white'

Whilst all the while those at the top of the EU do nothing, seemingly completely paralysed by the situation and there is not one statesman among the entire lot of these corrupt little self-serving nobodies. They are great ones for wanting power but totally out of their depth when expected to exercise it in a coherent manner by finding solutions to the current crisis – unfortunately the stance of wait and see is completely unacceptable in a tragedy that is unfolding on a daily basis because time is simply not on their side

All this only goes to strengthen the case for hastening the UK exit from the EU as quickly as possible – after all it was a flawed model from the start because of too much self-interest from member countries coupled with the fact that it is a bottomless money pit with no accountability and questionable ethics 

The UK should be part of Europe as a trading alliance and nothing more – we are simply not interested in yet another layer of corrupt politicians telling us what we can/cannot do in contravention of their own rules (i.e. Why Is Subsidiarity Not Working ) whilst at the same time picking our pockets over membership contributions – having already stolen our fishing grounds when we originally joined the party in the 1970’s - Will UK Get Their Fishing Grounds Back From EEC Original Illegal Theft

United Nations (UN)

What about the UN (United Nations) which seems to have been remarkably silent over events unfolding in the Middle East - United Nations Overview


‘.. Due to the powers vested in its Charter and its unique international character, the United Nations can take action on the issues confronting humanity in the 21st century, such as peace and security ..’


Am I missing something here because it very much looks as though the UN is asleep on the job – or perhaps they too have become another ‘too cosy’ organisation more concerned with their own pay-packets and writing endless reports rather than carrying out their mandate?

Let’s just rewind and go back to why the UN was setup in the first place


‘.. The UN was established on 24 October 1945 following the Second World War to prevent another such conflict


Its objectives include maintaining international peace and security, promoting human rights, fostering social and economic development, protecting the environment, and providing humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, and armed conflict ..’


With this in mind precisely what has the UN done recently to protect these refugees and address the conflict in the Middle East – because they seem to hiding their light under a bushel!


America has conveniently distanced itself from the whole Middle East crisis. They were one of the prime movers in instigating a crisis, which they played a major role in bringing about (oil etc.) and yet they now abrogate all responsibility for finding a solution or accepting resulting refugees

When is America going to step up and start helping to sort this problem out? 

Come on Obama, a great many of these matters concern America and some aspects relate to the continent of your ancestors, so start engaging before America has any more deaths on its collective conscience

Harrowing Images

Photojournalism has played its part in making the world aware of the tragedies involved, although, listening to the news the other day it was interesting to hear an interview with a representative of their governing body. He was effectively saying that every photojournalist was looking for the one picture that would make their name – the more heart-rending and dramatic the better to make an impact, to rank alongside the other iconic photographs of our age - Iconic Vietnam Napalm Girl

There are two aspects of this that one always wondered about

– firstly how photographers were in the right place at the right time to obtain some of these photographs – was it serendipity or calculated by monitoring a known ‘killing ground’ (phrase origin from the Vietnam war and Cambodia) and does one stand by watching events unfold to get a good picture or intervene to stop a disaster happening in the first place?

- secondly are these photographs passed to the newspapers in the spirit of altruism for a better world or for a price (fame and fortune)?

Hopefully the concept '.. it's not the principal its the money ..' does not apply 

Furthermore, are these images really being used to tell the story or do they have an underlying agenda to blackmail Governments into changing their policies by adopting a different stance to migration?

Are Aspects Being Orchestrated

There is absolutely no doubt about the dreadful circumstances and soul destroying hardship of these refuges, nevertheless when one sees some media footage it does seem as though certain aspects have been setup to achieve the desired coverage

How many of those claiming asylum are nothing to do with war torn areas at all and are purely nationals from other countries who are fleeing poverty in the Balkan States (Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo etc.) - using the tide of 'genuine' refugees to mask their true origin

Putting this in perspective, these economic migrants (rather than asylum seekers) number over 40% of those claiming asylum in Germany this year - i.e. approximately 195,000+ non asylum seekers trying to avoid border controls to get into Germany alone

Perhaps this is one reason why we see great reluctance by migrants to be registered and processed at the point of entry, possibly engineered by those who are not genuine asylum seekers to cause confusion and gain entry on the coat-tails of genuine refugees. Because it would be very simple to refuse entry for economic migrants at that point and much more difficult once there are processed further into Europe

This raises the question as to whether some of this coverage is being orchestrated by others, especially when one sees a podium with megaphones and placards (in English containing correct spelling of difficult words) in the background somewhere in Hungary where English is not the native language - in some circumstances one has to ask whether the media is reporting the news or trying to make the news

Let the facts stand up for themselves for genuine asylum seekers – they are certainly compelling enough to do so without manipulation or embellishment from other sources, which if exposed will only go to denigrate the importance of what is happening


United Nations Charter 

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