We need an explanation as to whether TRONOX KZN SANDS are complying fully with the law or have they started mining and construction before all the necessary authorisations are in hand, and before the environmental appeal process has been completed

If Tronox (previously Kerr-McGee Corporation - now liqudated) have begun the process without the necessary pre-requisites in place, what does the American Government propose to do about the situation; or is it deemed an acceptable approach to ride roughshod over the population of other countries where American interests are involved?

In the light of all the howls of indignation over the BP Gulf environmental situation one would have thought that the American Government should be rather sensitive to overall environmental issues and wish to set an example in these matters. Especially those where the actions of American Corporations could have an adverse impact on the quality of life of people in other countries; one needs to tread very carefully

Save Our Sands (SOS) Mtunzini Campaign

'.. Our objective is to get TRONOX KZN SANDS to do a full Scoping and Environmental Impact Assessment, something that the law requires for this scale of activity, but which Tronox has avoided up to now. We believe that only then will there be a transparent and comprehensive evaluation of the project, which will result in it either being stopped, or modified to be less destructive to the environment and amenities of Mtunzini and a wider Zululand ..'

Environmental Record

Tronox was established after the Kerr-McGee Corporation liquidated itself in the U.S. when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claimed several million dollars from the company due to serious environmental offences. Kerr-McGee was convicted of polluting areas in 22 federal states with, among other things, radioactive waste. Some of this waste was dumped in the Colorado River.

The U.S. Department of Justice

Anadarko Fights Ailing Preacher in $25 Billion EPA Toxic Lawsuit

'.. The U.S. Department of Justice, in a lawsuit on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency and other environmental and state agencies, says Kerr-McGee fouled 2,772 sites, including Columbus, during seven decades of producing chemicals, fertilizer and plutonium pellets. The lawsuit, scheduled for trial beginning May 15, seeks $25 billion to clean up the toxins and compensate tort claimants -- or the people who say they’ve been personally harmed

Trouble is, Kerr-McGee no longer exists. It disappeared in a spinoff, a merger -- into Anadarko Petroleum Corp. (APC) -- and a bankruptcy, corporate maneuvers that have frustrated small-town residents across the country who say the pollution has ruined their health ..'



Mtunzini - The proposed TRONOX KZN SANDS Fairbreeze mine



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