Apple is a totally shambolic company that woefully fails to meet reasonable expectations over product delivery.

Even speaking to Apple's customer services does not reveal anything and when they are asked difficult questions they simply give up and put the telephone down on you - thereby dodging the issue. Marvellous customer liaison!

Ordered (and paid for) an iPad Mini 5 weeks ago (10 November 2012) from one of Apple's retailers in the UK as a present in time for Christmas

No delivery so far and being given the run around by Apple Customer Services. Their response is, speak to the retailer, with all the ensuing claptrap about data protection, which only ever seems to prevent companies actually providing service or answering difficult questions; never actually benefitting the customer

It is very simple, Apple Computers have released a new iPad Mini range and seem to be incapable of honouring delivery in the UK for products ordered via a retailer and not the Apple web site. From memory this is not the first time Apple have done this and they persistently treat their customers as though they are of no value - well if Apple carry on like this then they will have no customers and their wish will come true

The problem seems to have arisen because Apple have dumped production capacity at a Samsung plant in the aftermath of their patent (IP) scrap with them and failed to ensure adequate capacity elsewhere (AU Optronics-AUO) - totally shambolic and now potential customers suffer because of their abject failures

Only those outside the USA seem to having problems because Apple have now (11 Dec 2012) '.. cut shipping times in half for US and Canadian customers and promising devices will ship in one week ..'

Apple goes on to say '.. other markets where they sell the iPad mini ... including the UK retained their 2-week status ..'

What 2-week status are they talking about, or are they incapable of performing arithmetic as well as delivery because my 2-week status is now running at 5 weeks and counting with no solution in sight?

So blatent discrimination against those outside the American continent, made even more acute if you ordered from a 3rd party retailer rather than Apples themselves - questionnable trading ethics

Yet another disasterous product release by Apple - how long can Apple get away with this sort of behaviour? Surely there will come a time when the customers will have had enough and give them a miss?

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