Well it seems as though Volkswagen, a German company, have been caught trying to cheat vehicle emission tests on a number of their cars

This is not an Oops! oversight moment, but rather a deliberate attempt to outwit the testers, thereby portraying their vehicles to have cleaner emissions than they really have

Now this is all very well, however, the logical natural progression of Volkswagen deliberately trying to cheat the emissions testing is a release of excessive pollutants into the environment - a number of which are known to be harmful to the population

Therefore, like it or not Volkswagen (a German company) has deliberately attempted to 'gas' people of many nations across the globe

Bearing in mind Volkswagen/Porsche roots and its beginnings serving Adolf Hitler in the 1930s perhaps one would expect the company to be slight more circumspect over deliberately releasing known toxic gasses to affect the lives of the population

Furthermore, history has shown that the last time this sort of thing happened was with Germany in 1940-45 as a legacy of WW2, with connotations of concentration camps (gas chambers), and gassing vast numbers of the Jewish community - similarly one would have thought Volkswagen would be doubly careful and sensitive about this area

But no – clearly not! Volkswagen seem to have had a corporate lobotomy

The company knows full well about the impact of NO2 emissions and seems to have taken a deliberate decision to ‘poison’ the population

No one will really ever know how many have died or been affected by this fraudulent company policy, however, it does very much look like a latter day Auschwitz

With all this in mind when can we expect all the top management at Volkswagen to be arraigned on manslaughter charges – quite apart from having to bankroll any resulting fines from their own personal wealth?


Holocaust Research Project

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