This is about the honour and pride of Jacintha Saldanha in working for the hospital, which should render us all incredibly humble in this grasping world.

Clearly these concepts are totally alien to the two Australian nationals, Michael Christian and Mel Greig who just see people as stepping stones to be crushed on their route to fame

We know that Australia is on the other side of the world, but surely our antipodean cousins are not so far removed from the real world on this side of the planet that they have failed to register the recent uproar about the press & other intrusion into peoples lives Leveson Inquiry

At a time when the press and media are under intense scrutiny in this country the Australian media seem to be totally unaware of the underlying mood, or impending sanctions brought about by press abuse.

One only has to recall the issue of Russell Brand & Jonathan Ross Sachsgate disclosing sex details of another actors grand-daughter 'as a joke', or the plethora of other practical jokes that have gone badly wrong. The simple answer is do not try to embarrass others for your own gain or to further your career

Unfortunately, in the past, people have died or committed suicide to fan the egos of the 'joke' perpetrators. Naturally it is not possible to know the outcome of these practical jokes but history should have taught us that they can and often do go badly wrong with disastrous consequences - but 'hey' who cares, my career has been given a boost by bullying or embarrassing someone!

Let us not forget for one moment that the Australian pair of DJ's Michael Christian (that name is a misnomer if ever there was one) and Mel Greig actually broke the law along the way by failing to abide by the UK broadcasting code and get consent from the interviewee to broadcast a phone call.

Nevertheless, their Austalian employers (2Day FM) have been quick to state that they have done nothing illegal, because although they may have broken Austalian law, this is invalidated due to the fact that the recipient of the call was in another country (England). Interesting interpretation that one would hope does not hold water!

However, all that seems to be incidental in their rush to humiliate others on their climb to 'fame'. Well 'guys' you got it badly wrong this time and should pay the price of never working ever again in the media

Now we get the bleating about 'not realising' and how they feel bad about the situation; probably because their Twitter accounts have been innundated with public disapproval (and subsequently shut down - cowardice over public approbation)

So not only do they bully the vulnerable, they sudddenly get an attack of the 'vapours' when the tables are turned on them; which really says it all!

Quite frankly no-one wants really to know how Mel Greig feels vulnerable and is in danger of having a breakdown, because it is all probably a PR 'get out of jail' exercise anyway, to play the sympathy card. It was their choice to conduct this 'prank' and between the pair of them they have contributed to the suicide of another member of society

Getting their just deserts would be to have them extradited to the UK and charged with contributory manslaughter - at least that would be a wake-up call for all these wanabee stars who think it funny to humiliate others

Their employers, Southern Cross Austero (CEO Rhys Holleran), are just as bad and probably worse because they encourage this abuse in order to gain ratings whilst at the same time refusing to take responsibility for a situation they have encouraged. Some of the excuses they have used simply beggar belief - little gems such as:

  • apologise 'for any inconvenience caused'
  • all done with 'the best of intentions'

unbeliveable !

Thank goodness their advertisers have seen how disgraceful the situation is and started to withdraw their advertising revenue.

With any luck the station will go out of business over this episode ('reasonably forseeable' is a clear concept of negligence) but that is no consolation to the family of Jacintha Saldanha who have our sincere condolences over this terrible episode

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