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Under proposed Government plans, details of internet use in the UK will have to be stored for a year to allow police and intelligence services to access it

This is totally unworkable because it is very simple to circumvent by those involved in activities the authorities wish to  monitor. For instance how does the Government propose to get around:

  • Using tools such as The Tor Project - '.. Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security ..'
  • The method used by General Patreus to communicate with mistress by email was - set up a web based email account and give both parties a login. Emails are never actually sent from the account so no sender/received trail ever exists. Instead one party writes a draft message and saves it under the drafts area, then the other person logs in, reads the draft and deletes it. A simple anonymous almost untraceable method of communication which is not going to be intercepted by any Government snooping
  • Proxy servers

The list is endless and unless the Goverment can provide a certain, foolproof method of ensuring that the above avoidance methods cannot be used then what is the point in introducing any legislation whatsoever?

The reason for these few examples is to demonstrate that any proposed legislation will be almost useless in monitoring targeted groups or individuals because they will know ways around the system. However, it will catch an unsuspecting public and open their private lives to public scrutiny and to all the official departments having access to the data; which as we have seen before is a licence for data abuse

... and no don't come up with that 'old canard' about why worry if you have nothing to hide which is a specious argument at the best of times

We have perfectly adequate safeguards in place at the present time without giving the state further licence to snoop on the public at large.

Don't forget that we have already had a situation where - ‘.. A tribunal ruled that Poole council had breached the law by using powers designed to catch serious criminals to track every movement of the Paton family ..’

Family win school catchment spying case

Furthermore, even now there are proposals to widen the scope of those having access to the data to cover almost anything the Government feels is against its best interests; so it just gets better and better! - 1984 and all that ...


Draft (Daft) Communications Data Bill

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CSC is the IT contractor given the HNS contract (Project Lorenzo) to digitise patient records, which has spectacularly failed to deliver after costing £ millions

Naturally the private sector can employ whomever they wish, however, the same should not be said for public bodies. With recent CSC NHS record one has to question why they are involved in so many public funded contracts at all

Putting it very simply - a total disaster on one contract should render suppliers ineligible for other contracts, either for a period of time or until they have re-proved their ability. This should certainly be the case where despite failing to deliver they have then adopted aggressive litigation against the UK Government in the wake of the NHS debacle

This of course raises the issue of IT Providers making it almost impossible for themselves to be 'chucked off' (forfeit) a project because invariably they acquire specialist knowledge which they subsequently refuse to pass on and use to ransom the principal - does this sound familiar?

What's worse is that these companies are allowed to get away with it ....

Some Other CSC Contracts are:

  • TFL (Transport for London)
  • UK Governments G-Cloud Framework
  • Royal Mail
  • Passport Service
  • UK Atomic Energy


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