Of course no one will ever really know the truth of the matter, but the way the American extradition treaty operates leaves a bad taste surrounding the entire episode

Knowing nothing of charges against him, the first time Mr Tappin became aware of the situation was when the police arrested him at home in 2010

At this point, irrespective of guilt or innocence surely one has a right to know of the evidence being submitted in support of extradition?

Under the American approach the odds would seem to be stacked so heavily against Mr Tappin that the only sensible way forward is to plea bargain.


Either admit to guilt or have 30 years in prison with no parole & a penal fine wiping out all your assets.

The pressure is immense and even if one is completely innocent, there really is no other choice except an admission because it then becomes 36 months served in the UK with remission - so out in 18 months perhaps instead of being incarcerated for the rest of one's life; a simple choice!

Nevertheless, that still begs the question of being pre-judged behind closed doors and blackmailed into submission, by threats so draconian that the only sensible way forward is admission without trial

The treaty between the UK and USA

'.. Neither the treaty nor the European arrest warrant require the court to be presented with prima facie evidence of a crime ..'

Furthermore, before agreeing to extraditing anyone to the UK, the US requires '.. sufficient evidence to establish probable cause ..' whereas those in the UK are not afforded the same level of protection when the USA requests extradition. In other words a wholely one sided process, potentially to the detriment of those in the UK

Surely on this basis any UK national is subject to a US extradition request at any time without notice or evidence, irrespective of any wrong doing?

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