Scottish Government - Financial Help For Students

Quick summary of fees for attending a Scottish University

Eligible EU students are not required to pay tuition fees whilst studying in Scotland. They are not however eligible to apply for maintenance support Same as Northern Ireland Student Studying in Scotland The max fee level for a degree course is £9,000 per annum. Each institution is responsible for setting it’s own rate, you should contact the institution to establish the cost of the course you wish to attend. You will be able to apply for a tuition fee loan to cover these costs

Therefore in order to attend a Scottish University, anyone from the rest of the UK has to pay fees. However, students from other EU countries can attend for free because under European Law Scotland cannot charge students from other European Union countries more than it charges its own nationals

Hopefully a legal challenge to this situation will be forthcoming fairly shortly and one trusts that if sucessful will be implemented on a retrospective basis. Nevertheless, it would seem as though a holdup has occurred because legal aid is being sought from the Scottish Legal Board, which surprise/surprise is a lengthy process, delaying the attempt

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