For some, the concept of being able to transfer funds around the world without being monitored by Governments is an ideal solution

Historically, before present day banking, we only need to look at orgainsations such as The Knights Templar, who were the most powerful bankers of their day

Taking a leaf out of their money transfer methods for merchants which operated as follows.

The merchant visited the local Templar branch and handed over their money in exchange for a slip of paper containing an encoded message. On arrival at their destination this encoded slip of paper was redeemed by the merchant for the money - all very simple and avoided the money being stolen from the merchant in transit

Now compare this with the operation of BitCoin which can be deposited into any BitCoin address after a cash or SEPA transfer has been made. Who says money trafsfers are monitored?

What a simple and effective method of funding a transaction or any other illegal exercise

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