One of the problems with the present government is the constant knee-jerk rush to implement ideas that have not really been thought out properly in an attempt to demonstrate how egalitarian and forward thinking they are

We have already witnessed this previously over gay marriage (not in the election manifesto) and once again it is being encountered over the monarchy and succession issues

The government is trying to fast-track through parliament the succession to the crown bill at the earliest opportunity. This is the bill which will change the ancient laws governing the royal line of succession to ensure the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's first child would succeed to the throne regardless of gender

Prince Charles is right to speak out against what can only be described as having all the hallmarks of a rushed botched job over the monarchy and succession, with little thought to the longer term implications

Included in the planned reforms is the proposal to allow the couple's first-born to marry a Catholic (although not to be one), without having to renounce the right to succeed

David Cameron seems to have completely ignored concerns raised previously by constitutional experts and theologians, concerning the issue of what would happen if first in line's future spouse were Catholic and insisted any children be raised as Catholics. This would either bar their child from the throne or compromise the monarch's role as supreme governor of the Church of England

Although, Canon law does not stipulate that children from a marriage between a non-Catholic and Catholic must be raised in the Catholic faith; nevertheless the Catholic must make a declaration:

"that I will sincerely undertake that I will do all that I can within the unity of our partnership to have all the children of our marriage baptised and brought up in the Catholic church"

So how does Mr Cameron propose to deal with this issue? Will he try to brush it under the carpet or off-load it onto the Judiciary in the same way as the definition of 'consummation' (requirement for annulment) has been avoided with gay marriages?

Difficult questions need to be addressed rather than adopting politically expendient ways round the issues that resolve nothing - but invariably that is politics; all smoke and mirrors!

The aspect that is disappointing in all this is the Prime Ministers complete lack of comprehension over the issues involved - surely he cannot actually be as stupid as he is portraying himself?

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