Has anyone recently bought a Cadbury Chocolate bar?

If you have you, will notice that the size remains the same as the old bars, but they are now half as thick as their predecessors.

Gone are the nice chunky pieces of chocolate only to be replaced by thickness reminiscent of the 'Milky Bar Kid' (Nestle) product.

Maybe we should hold a competition and lay odds on how long it takes for Kraft products to become wafer thin in the same way as pre-packaged ham, turkey etc. which is sliced so thinly that it becomes entirely transparent.

This is simply another marketing deception being perpetrated on the consumer by producers - keeping the packaging the same size whilst reducing the content and maintaining the existing price; dishonest & chicanery !

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Just been out to cut the grass only to have the whole thing rained off.

The weather forecast was for fine weather, which was clearly wrong and a complete time waster.

Now the thought occurs, that ones time is valuable and having to waste it because someone fails to do a job they are paid for does slightly rankle.

Therefore, why not pay weather forecasters by results, after all they have enough high tech equipment to arm a small nation so clearly something is going wrong somewhere down the line.

Mind you it always amazes one that Michael Fish & others of that era still have jobs after the complete howler surrounding the 1997 hurricane

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