Nick Boles (Planning Minister) seems to have let the cat out of the bag about migrants accounting for almost half of the housing demand in the UK

But then we all knew there was a clear link anyway, despite denials by previous Governments and any reasoned debate being shut down by the PC brigade with accusations of racism whenever the argument went against them

Is this more about a flawed immigration policy over the past 10-20 years rather than flagging house building? An immigration policy which everyone now acknowledges was wrong; although, rather late in the day after any potential damage has been done

The solution being put forward is to develop large swathes of the English countryside (further 2-3%) in order to redress the balance.

Mr Boles mantra seems to be '.. everyone has a right to live somewhere that is not just affordable but that is beautiful and has some green space nearby ..' and that this is a '.. basic moral right, like healthcare and education ..'

Get real Mr Boles! This is another crackpot idea from a transitory politician who does not have to live with the long term results of his policies. The countryside is a finite resource and one cannot keep eroding it every time there is a problem in another area that politicians do not really wish to address, because eventually it will be exhausted - and then what? Or do you really care because by that time you will have made your mark and be long gone ...!

Quite apart from the fact that one is potentially removing productive land out of growing crops. Taking this approach to it's logical conclusion it results in housing at the expense of food - not an advised policy. Or does Mr Boles intend to rely upon food imports to compensate for any shortfall; so that the country can be held to ransom in the future?

But the problem is this approach may be a solution to todays issues, however, without a radical change in the immigration policy the problems will simply recur again in 10 or 20 years time. At the end of the day there is not enough green space to be concreted over every time politicians try for 'quick fixes' rather than addressing the underlying problems. The country really needs sustainable well though out solutions and NOT quick fixes to these issues which take the easy way out!

Furthermore, nothing has been said to address the huge inflow of foreign nationals under the EU 'open door' policy or chucking out those who are here illegally and have overstayed their welcome; other than to offer yet another amnesty because they cannot be found and our border controls are either hopeless or massively under resourced

Every aspect (housing, food, population etc.) forms part of the equation and must operate in harmony, otherwise the whole thing is out of balance and one ends up sacrificing one aspect to satisfy the demands of another. This is what politicians simply fail to grasp and is also in part why the UK & rest of the world is such chaos at the present time.

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