‘..Europe has given Britain two months to scrap its policies which prevent benefit tourists claiming billions of pounds in handouts..’

‘..European immigrants should be able to claim handouts and pensions without first having to pass a test proving that they have settled in Britain, the European Union has said ..’

Once again the European Union is issuing edicts without any comprehension of the impact, understanding of the eventual result or accountability; which seems to be par for the course with EU politicians and Brussels bureaucrats

Unfortunately this seems to be the way that the EU operates today, when virtually unelected politicians seek to impose their will and strengthen their ‘power base’ by including ever more disparate countries in the Union. An ‘ivory tower’ sending increasingly greater subscription costs to the membership, whilst rewarding themselves handsomely all round and ignoring the rest of Europe’s hardship or problems

How can countries with wildly different average incomes form part of any grouping without large number of the 'poorer' population moving to the 'richer' countries. Furthermore, the receiving countries have little control over their own borders because their rights have also been removed by the EU

Instead of addressing the real problems within the EU, which are too many and ranging to mention (corruption to financial), the politicians simply ‘march on’ with even more countries and regulations, which can only really end one way – badly. We now have the absurd situation where two proposed new entrants need bailouts before they even join the club – absolute nonsense.

Furthermore, it has now become questionable as to whether any of the countries ‘in bailout’ can ever (or ever wish to) repay their debts, which means that there will inevitably have to be future write-offs on a massive scale

Anyway, here are two solutions to the Social Security / Benefit issues, which should solve the problem, result in an equitable solution and prevent benefit tourism

Solution A

The EU could pass a regulation insisting that every country comes into line with identical Benefit hand-outs.

Either raise or lower the levels, it doesn’t really matter which route is chosen; just that benefits throughout the EU should be the same in every country and maintain parity. After all everyone insists on a single exchange rate so why not a single benefits rate?

Therefore, if the UK has benefits of £130 per week then so should Latvia and all the other EU countries. Alternatively Latvia etc. can maintain their £xx but UK and the rest of the EU should have to reduce their levels to come into line with Latvia - really very simple

Accordingly the position would be neutral and there would be no advantage in migrants polarising towards countries with the most beneficial Social Security systems because every country would offer the same benefits

Solution B

The UK banking structure has the concept of a ‘clearing system’, whereby all banks collect money owed to them from other banks in the system.

The EU needs to setup an equivalent system to the ‘banks clearing’ but on a country by country basis - The EU Country Clearing System.

Once this EU Country Clearing System has been created it would then be a simple matter for Benefit payments to be reclaimed by one country from the claimants country of origin directly.

This would ensure that migrants claiming benefits are not an undue burden on their country of residence which would be reimbursed by the claimants country of origin


Now EU orders Britain -Let migrants claim benefits as soon as they arrive in the UK

Let all European migrants claim benefits insists Brussels

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