Defeat of the Boundary Change proposals was wholly predictable and has previously been discussed on this site prior to actually knowing the end result - Nick Clegg Blocking Boundary Change Like A Spoilt Selfish Child

These proposals were originally suggested in to avoid the situation of different classes of voters; where some peoples votes are worth more than others because of the inequality of the number of constituents within existing boundaries. Clearly where one boundary contains 100,000 voters and another contains 50,000 voters, one set of voters has twice as much influence as another

‘.. For example, 87,000 voters in the East Ham constituency together get one say in the government.  The 66,000 voters living 10 miles away in Islington North get one say too.  So, if you live in Islington, your voice counts for more ..’

Obviously so far as the Labour party is concerned this is a highly beneficial situation because other parties need to work a lot harder to win an election

However, just to recap on the Liberal Democrats stance. So far as they were concerned it was never about the best interests of the country but the advantages / returns their party could achieve by either prostituting themselves to the highest bidder or sulking because they could not get their own way over the House of Lords

Nick Clegg has already addressed this in the past - House of Commons - Tuesday 26 October 2010

“.. It is one of the founding principles of any democracy that votes should be valued in the same way, wherever they are cast.  Over the years, all sorts of anomalies have developed, such that different people's votes are simply not worth the same in elections to this place.  That surely cannot be right..."

What more can one say about this disgraceful, hypocritical man who places the interest of himself and his party above those of the country? Furthermore, he obviously has a short memory!

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