Never really understood why Germany continues to persevere with the EU. Especially as it was an ideological/political rather than realistic economic dream and one only has to look at those still doing well out of the EU – on the one hand those in Brussels & MEP’s etc. and on the other countries who see it as a grants ‘cash cow’ in one form or another. After all one only has to look at any graph of net contributors .v. receivers to form a conclusion

Germany have already successfully been through the painful process of reunification in the 1990's, so why would they want the pain all over again with the EU; with no realistic end in sight?

Of course the real problem is that at least with reunification there was the potential of a successful result in the future. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the EU, where all that Germany is doing is bankrolling the southern block of EU members and taking a massive ‘hit’ for its support

This whole EU disaster area is no longer just Greece, but is now also being acknowledged as France, Italy, Spain … and so on … just look at the historic track record of some of the countries who have been in default over the last 50 years longer than they have been solvent. Why does anyone think they can, or are willing to change their ways under the current situation?

Clearly Germany is getting edgy about their gold reserves and nervous regarding trusting France to hold their gold in safe keeping. What happens if France goes down and they subsequently hijack Germanys gold reserves to help them out?

All that Germany is doing by maintaining the current situation is giving credibility to a basket of other countries that would otherwise revert back to their own currencies and suffer devaluation, rocketing inflation (destroying savings) and resulting political unrest – not what politicians want

And now we have France (Hollande) as the voice for all the other countries that want a weaker euro which would potentially be against Germanys interests – so why do they stay?

Nevertheless if Germany did leave they would no longer be weighed down by supporting the rest of Europe and would probably see its currency soar

Alternatively a two tier Europe might be the answer, with all the solvent countries banding together and letting all the others jostle over support payments for each other; which would definitely flush out nationalistic feelings

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