What a very stupid statement made by Damian Draghici, an advisor to the Romanian Prime Minister

'.. Britain should be far more worried about bankers taking billions of pounds than Roma begging on the streets ..'

Clearly Mr Draghici has missed the whole point of the UK's concern (probably deliberately) - which is lack of control over our own affairs.

The UK can chose whatever measures it wants to take against bankers or anyone else; the fact that it has not done so is an entirely different matter - the choice is available. However, this is not the case with the UK borders where EU rules prevent countries managing their own immigration policies.

It doesn't really matter whether 1 migrant or 1 million gain entry, the principle is the same; countries want control of their own borders and not to be dictated to by the EU as part of their goal for a political power base. Migrants are generally regarded as bringing all manner of advantages to the receiving country, but only if they have the suitable qualifications and not because of an attractive welfare system (Romania £8 per week - UK £80+ per week)

Additionally, it is generally recognised that the UK has a growing element of generational dependency on welfare amongst some of the indigenous population. Bringing migrants in to work at low rates of pay thereby taking the jobs that could be used to wean generational dependents back into work is perhaps not the best approach. Obviously employers would prefer the work ethic of migrants in preference to some of the work-shy native population, but is that the best way to address encouraging existing welfare claimants back into work and off benefits?

Furthermore, these EU edicts fly directly in the face of the basic concept of Subsidiarity - which has been acclaimed as one of the fundamental cornerstones of all aspects of the EU, to prevent members being dictated to by unreasonable central policies

‘.. decisions should be taken as closely as possible to the citizens of the Union in accordance with Article 5 (ex Article 3b) of the EC Treaty ..’

Why is Subsidiarity not working in the EU - the EU seems intent on breaking their own rules & guidelines to get their own way (now there is a surprise)

The Romanian argument seems to have progressed from - 'large migration will not occur', through 'only qualified migrants will move' and now finally we get to the nub of of the matter where they are acknowledging the probable reality of the Roma population migration and trying to downplay the issue with distractions, such as bankers (who by the way are net contributors rather than recipients)

Yet another red herring from a new entrant attempting to justify free borders, and just as weak as all previous arguments on this subject. Although, it is as good as an admission that one is likely to get about massive free population migration across uncontrolled borders for the hope of a better life in another country.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these aspirations provided the 'better life' includes contributing to their target country and not just taking (welfare in all its forms). Anyway surely the underlying question has to be why has their country of origin not been able to provide this life for them in the first place, because this raises a far more fundamental issue that the EU does not wish to address?

The UK has enacted laws in order to benefit the population and in this respect let us just begin with an easy one. Local Authorities in the UK have a duty to house the homeless, which raises the question of whether this is the case in Romania.

Do the authorities in Romania have a duty to house their homeless? If Romania (or any of the other countries) do not have the same basic enshrined obligations as the UK then there is no level playing field and consequently the UK is expected to provide better conditions than the migrants own country, which is an absurd situation with mass migration.

The UK's resources are finite, quite apart from that fact that the existing population density in the UK is one of the highest around and allowing a greater influx will only make matters worse.

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