Given a clean sheet, if the UK were not already in the EU, the question has to be - would you vote to join the EU as a new member today?

In all probability the answer would arguably be NO, because instilling the fear of leaving over the unknown, is completely different to making an informed decision to join in the first place. Furthermore, and any decision would conceivably be formed against the following background:

  • Treatment of Greece 
  • Treatment of Cyprus
  • Migration levels
  • Asylum becoming a 'lifestyle' choice - not the first safe haven country
  • On-going endemic corruption
  • Ignoring members referendums when it suits the EU - try again until you get the 'right' result
  • 1999 Santer Commission Resignation (see below)

and finally, last but not least -

Will UK Get Their Fishing Grounds Back From EEC Original Illegal Theft


2010 - Conservative Manifesto

This stated the party would:

'.. Restore democratic control In future, the British people must have their say on any transfer of powers to the European Union. We will amend the 1972 European Communities Act so that any proposed future Treaty that transferred areas of power, or competences, would be subject to a referendum ..'

This aspect has not even been addressed by David Cameron, which means that he has failed to implement a promise that was made in the manifesto

European Communities Act 1972

This 1972 Act of the Parliament provided for the incorporation of European Union law (originally Community law) into the domestic law of the United Kingdom

The reality of the situation is that if David Cameron was truly batting for the UK he could easily address the European Communities Act 1972 and do away with the theatrics of all night discussions asking for changes and being constantly rebuffed by the EU


The EU Bill and Parliamentary Sovereignty 

House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee - The EU Bill and Parliamentary sovereignty


Explanatory Notes

Status of EU law

Clause 18: Status of EU law dependent on continuing statutory basis 104. Clause 18 is a declaratory provision which confirms that directly applicable or directly effective EU law only takes effect in the UK as a result of the existence of an Act of Parliament. The words ‘by virtue of an Act of Parliament’ cover UK subordinate legislation made under Acts, and because of the particular context of this clause, also covers Acts and Measures of the devolved legislatures in exercise of the powers conferred on them by the relevant UK primary legislation


European Union Act (EUA) 2011

Section 18 was originally projected to be a ‘sovereignty’ clause, intended to reaffirm the sovereign character of the legislative power of the UK Parliament

Section 18: The Sovereignty Clause

On 6 October 2010, the Government announced that the Act would include a provision "to underline that what a sovereign Parliament can do, a sovereign Parliament can always undo".

HOWEVER, the clause, eventually enacted as section 18 of the Act provides that:

"Status of EU law dependent on continuing statutory basis

Directly applicable or directly effective EU law (that is, the rights, powers, liabilities, obligations, restrictions, remedies and procedures referred to in section 2(1) of the European Communities Act 1972) falls to be recognised and available in law in the United Kingdom only by virtue of that Act or where it is required to be recognised and available in law by virtue of any other Act."


No Disagreement Permitted with the EU

Brussels is completely unaccountable and consistently asserts its will, irrespective of any democratic process, over every sovereign nation within the Union - only ever accepting its own decisions

Let us just recap for a moment over a few highlights

The original version of the Treaty of Lisbon (EU Constitution 2005) was rejected by France and the Netherlands and yet it was re-hashed into the Treaty of Lisbon and accepted in 2009

In 2015 Jean-Claude Junker, President of the European Commission (remember him over Luxembourg and its status as an EU tax haven at the expense of other member nations) said - '.. there can be no democratic choice against European choices ..' - this rather gives the game away! 


The Irish Referendum 2008

In 2008 the Irish people clearly rejected the Treaty of Lisbon - 46.6% of Irish voted "Yes" and 53.4% "No"

Instead of simply dropping the bill, the Irish were told to try again with another referendum because the EU refused to accept Irelands democratic process which did not agree with the EU own agenda

After the second referendum in 2009 the EU obtained the result it wanted


Who Exactly are Those in Favour of Remaining in the EU?

A whole raft of establishment 'worthies' from state sponsored organisations or large multi-nationals whose interests are already aligned with the EU

How many of these people have actually build businesses rather than being professional managers of other businesses 

As a consqeuence these people belong to a completely different world to small entrepreneurs or the rest of the community


Selling EU Membership on Fear

Ultimately one really needs to ask why all the 'selling points' of remaining in the EU put forward by David Cameron et-al revolve around the 'fear factor' and very few of the reasons for staying focus on the positive advantages

Unfortunately, scaremongering has to be the default position for the 'IN' camp, because it is proving to be very difficult for them to come up with any advantages of belonging to the EU, especially against the EU's existing historical disastrous track record

Even recently (Sunday Times 14-Feb-2016), Carolyn McCall the CEO of Easyjet wrote a rather dysfunctional column about the disadvantages to leaving the EU, once again disappointingly relying upon the fear factor. Ms McCalls line seems to relate to the airline industry in 1990 and how flying was only the domain of the wealthy at that time. Quite frankly there is absolutely no correlation between events today and occurrences 25 years ago, and to suggest otherwise is mischievous 

Then in the same edition of the Times, the ex CEO of TUI pitches in with his scaremongering about security fears should the UK leave the EU - conveniently forgetting that TUI suspended services to Tunisia in the wake of the July 2015 beach massacre. At the time the UK was in the EU

Both cases just confirm the dubious nature of the 'IN' supporters rhetoric

Finally, what on earth has hearsay about Margaret Thatcher views have to do with anything in today's context. Whatever views Ms Thatcher had/had not would have been based on her prevailing knowledge at the time and once again not 25 years later, when clearly events have changed

Quote - John Maynard Keynes - '.. when the facts change I change my mind ..'

One of most extraordinary aspects of this entire debate is the difference in approach between the two sides.

The 'IN' advocates put up all manner of unproven statements by a raft of Europhiles from one background or another (preferably 'celebrities' which is David Camerons wont) - oh! and by the way, if these 'celebs' (or anyone else) wants to have an opinion on the topic then they might at least be affected by living in the UK, unlike others who have expressed their views such as Richard Branson, Barack Obama and others - otherwise keep quiet because it only affects you indirectly!

Furthermore, the 'IN' refuse to see the way David Cameron was treated by the EU in February 2016 over raising very valid issues, whilst at the same time not acknowledging that very little was actually gained, despite the Government fanfare over all manner of claimed summits achievements

This was an ideal time for the EU to look at itself and review the way forward, unfortunately they simply refuse to acknowledge their own failings and demonstrate once again that the whole thing is totally dysfunctional, with every member having their own agenda instead of a coherent way forward. Just look at the disarray over the current migrant/refugee situation, which has been on-going for quite a while and lurching from one crisis to another, as a clear example on how structurally challenged the EU has become

Interestingly enough, it turns out that other member states either all want concessions in one form or another or expect the UK to pay for benefits to their own Nationals - this of course is coming from migrants own countries of origin which do not afford to their own people this same level of benefits in the first place!

.. and let us not forget public statements made by EU leaders to the effect that it doesn't really matter what is agreed - once the UK referendum is history they can overturn the agreement anyway. This just goes to show their contempt for the democratic views of members sovereign nations - especially if they overturn agreements that have been voted on as part of remaining in the EU

Furthermore, how many of the 'IN' fraternity are precisely the same people who advocated the UK joining the Euro? Their judgement was wrong then and it continues to remain flawed about the EU

So much for trusting the EU, which seems to consist of a very duplicitous bunch (used advisedly) of people with absolutely no sense of right/wrong, honour or concept of integrity except where it comes to 'trousering' benefits for themselves - ie a totally untrustworthy unaccountable elite group which remains undemocratic and seemingly cannot be removed



Member Countries

The ongoing travails of Greece and the past bullying by Germany are already well documented 

Schengen is failing by the day and the EU seem impotent over a solution

Austria has given two fingers to Germany over border controls and has recently set daily levels for migrants

Hungary has erected fencing on the Romanian border and are about to hold a referendum on migrant quota's

Additionally, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia have all built their versions of the anti-immigrant fence along parts of their borders

France and Italy are already in a debt trap - a situation in which their debt is difficult or almost impossible to repay, because they cannot get their GDP to grow fast enough under any circumstances

A great deal of this debt is owed to foreigners and sooner or later (sooner!) thie interest rates on Government bonds will increase, re-financing will cease to be an option and the only way forward will be for them to leave the euro - alternatively the euro will need to be reformed under yet another fudge

At this juncture existing members will need to help them out - ie. the UK if it remains in the EU will also have to stump-up bail out funding

There used to be a saying 'he who pays the piper calls the tune', which makes the whole influence that France has in the EU a complete joke. A 'bust' country should actually be relegated to the bottom of any decision making table, but instead France seems to have cosied-up to Germany and achieved an influence in the EU far greater than its financial standing warrants

What a mess - so with this in mind - watch this space

Just in passing, in a club where all members are equal, who gave Germany the right to declare a unilateral 'open door' policy for migrants to be imposed on other members - thereby causing the current crisis?



1999 Santer Commission Resignation - The resignation of the European Commission

The entire European Commission - the executive body of the European Union - has resigned in the wake of a damning report exposing fraud, corruption and mismanagement at senior levels

Resignation of the European Commission - Parliament

1999 - EU chiefs resign en masse


Finally, David Cameron really does need to grow up about this issue and stop behaving like a petulant child.

All his rhetoric about Boris & co and preventing Civil Servants from acting for both side is quite frankly an abuse of power 



Recent EU Scandals

Campaign for an Independent Britain

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